This Program Develops Positive Self Image for Girls

Anna Lassig is such a calming force for our girls.  Over the years, I have witnessed her take young girls who could barely make eye contact and develop their confidence as they sang solos.  Weekly, our daughters ran from the car to attend her practices, eager to sing and share with one another.  Many of their friends joined because this program develops positive self-images for our girls. Thank you for your hard work, Anna.

Debbi, Mom of Two Singers Company Participants

You left a great impression on me and everyone who encountered you!

Thank you Anna and the Huntington Beach Singers Company!

I have had the pleasure to schedule many children's (and adult) groups such as yours over the years.....and your group was FAR AND AWAY the most well behaved, polite and appreciative of all!  That is truly saying a lot!

You left an great impression on me and everyone who encountered you!

Performance Venue, Huntington Beach