Anna Lassig

CA: Huntington Beach

  • Where I’m from:

    I grew up in Lakewood, CO and Boise, ID. I went to college in Provo, UT and lived briefly in Brazil and Taiwan before settling in my husband\'s hometown of Huntington Beach where we have been enjoying the sun and sand for 13 years now.

  • Family:

    I grew up with three brothers and now have three amazing boys of my own. I met my husband in an a cappella singing group at BYU and we have been married and making beautiful music and memories together now for 16 years.

  • Interests:

    I love singing with OCMCO, in community and church shows, with my family, and teaching voice whenever I get the chance. I love to go swing dancing with my super talented husband. I love to read (especially fantasy/adventure books with my boys). I love to explore Orange County with my boys, especially Disneyland, the beaches, parks, and museums. I am passionate about finding the gifts and beauty unique to every child, especially those with special needs.

  • Schooling:

    I have a BA in Theatre with a Minor in Music along with extensive courses in education and almost every kind of dance class I could take (Tap, Modern, Broadway, Jazz, Ballroom, Precision, Swing).

    I\'m so excited to bring Singers Company to Huntington Beach! It is the perfect combination of singing, dancing, teaching, and just enjoying the unique personalities of every child. Music and dance have the ability to connect us, uplift us and reach something deeper inside ourselves that helps us celebrate the joy in life and increase it.

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    Anna Lassig

  • Location

    Huntington Beach, CA

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